Mafia Wars 2

Mafia Wars 2 is very close to release. Find out more about the new and upcoming game of Zynga. Read the official Mafia Wars 2 comic, learn about the new characters and get access to the recent news. Dont miss the chance and stay prepared before the game is released.

 Coming Soon! Being bad never felt so good. Mafia Wars 2 is Zynga's newest, most immersive game to date. Use any means necessary to rise up, get revenge, and ...


Quest manager

A new feature, Quest manager is being rolled out and it will reach you within a day. With the new feature, you can view your quests, manage them and sort them. This feature will simplify things and most players will not miss quests with limited time period. You can also view rewards for completing the quest before you complete it.

Note that this feature will be rolled slowly across different players, so dont worry if you dont have the feature yet. You will have it very soon.

Make sure you will share this new feature with your friends on facebook. :)

Black Forest Jubilee

Attention all soldiers: Get prepared for a new event in Empires & Allies: Black Forest Jubilee. This event includes different items of Germany featuring a new house, a German flag, army assult course, 2 tanks and a battleship! We are still not sure the cost and other stats of the items.


Tiger Tank
Red Tiger Tank



Hermann Statue


German Flag
Army Obstacle Course

Alpine Haus

Empires and Allies Wiki

The wiki for the game Empires and Allies is launched to help all Empires & Allies players. Currently, it is just starting but you will be able to find lots of information very soon. We believe the wiki will certainly be helpful to all empires and allies players. We will be hoping your support to help grow the wiki and reach the players.

About the wiki: The wiki uses Wikipedia's original software so you can edit and add new content in the wiki very easily.

Link to the wiki:

Be a writer on this blog.

So do you think you know it all? Do you think you are one of the best players in the game? Or would you like to share your experience? If you think so, we will grant you permission to write in this blog. You can share your experience with everyone, share tips and tricks or update about the game.

So if you want to be a writer and help the Empires and Allies players then Contact Us We just have 5 spots for writers (with one lead writer) so make sure you apply as soon as possible. It's first come first serve.

Empires and Allies Space Exploration Days!!

In respect of exploration of space Empires and Allies has released space exploration days. In this event there are 4 different statues which can be brought from the build menu. But there are no special units or buildings.

Note: This event in this game is not in any way related with the government building "space exploration center".

New Decoration Items in Space Exploration days event.

Apollo 11 Eagle Statue
Costs: 25000 Coins

Astrochimp Statue
Costs: 10 Empire Points

        Space Shuttle Statue
        Costs:  18 Empire Points

       Space Dog Statue
Costs: 5000 Coins

Read more on Space Exploration Days Missions.

Space Exploration Days Missions

The event Space Exploration Days has 2 different missions. They are explained below.

Mission 1: First Astronauts

To complete this mission you need to place 1 White Trumpets and 1 Space Dog Statue. You can find them both on build menu.

Reward for completing First Astronauts: 500 Coins, 15 units of Random Metal ( Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Gold, Uranium)

Mission 2: Reunion

In this mission first you need to place 1 Apollo 11 Eagle Statue which costs 25000 Coins. It can be found on the build menu. Then you need to plant and harvest 6 Pineapple.

Reward after completing Reunion: 1000 Coins and 1 Random Unit


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