Earn empire points in Empires And Allies

Empire points is the premium currency in Empires and Allies. Even if you do not have Empire points you can play the game without any hindrance. However you need the premium points if you want premium items in the game or if you want quick access of the powerups. The most common way to earn the empire points is to pay cash to get them. However there are other ways through which you can earn empire points and they are discussed below.

1. Leveling up a level gives you 1 empire point. This may look very low but it is not true if you level up to very high levels.

2. Complete the missions in Empires and Allies. If you can complete some particular missions in you will be reward with empire points.

3. Click the link saying Earn Empire Points, which is above the game screen. This action pops-up the window shown below:

The pop-up shows how many empire points you can earn by completing the given offers.

4. Purchase Empire Points – rates vary from $2.30 to $230, and so does the number of Empire Points you get in return!

5. Convince somebody to purchase a game card for you as a gift or even an e-card that can be purchased online.


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